High end corrugated packaging color box logo printing three-layer pit box customized gift toy pit paper box customized

Short Description:

Product name:Corrugated Packaging Box

Material:Corrugated Board

Use:Clothing, Shoes, Underwear, children‘s clothing, Fur, Garment & Processing Accessories, Socks, Other Shoes & Clothing,electronic production packing

Paper Type: Corrugated Board,Rigid Boxes

Printing Handling:

Matt Lamination, Varnishing, Stamping, Embossing, UV Coating, VANISHING, Gold Foil, Stamping

Feature:Recycled Materials, Handmade

MIQ :1000PCS

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1.Corrugated box is a kind of packaging color box made by bonding cardboard and corrugated paper.
2.It is good for buffering, which is more functional for protecting the product,applicable to some heavy and fragile products in power supply industry, toy industry, electrical appliance industry, lighting industry and smart home industry. For example, mobile power supply and other products can be packaged in pit boxes.

What are the testing items for corrugated boxes?
1. Overview of appearance quality
Qualified cartons require clear printed patterns and handwriting, no broken lines and missing patterns, consistent pattern chromaticity,printing position error. It is also required that the box body joints are standardized, the edges are neat, and the corners are not overlapped.
2. Moisture content
The moisture content refers to the moisture content in the corrugated base paper or cardboard, expressed as a percentage.
Corrugated base paper has certain pressure resistance, tensile resistance, puncture resistance and folding resistance. If the moisture content is too low, the paper will be too brittle, easily broken when corrugated, and the folding resistance will be poor.
3. Cardboard thickness
The thickness of corrugated cardboard refers to the vertical distance between the upper and lower sides of the corrugated cardboard under a certain pressure, in millimeters. It is one of the inspection items for the appearance defects of the carton, and directly affects the edge compressive strength, puncture strength and compressive strength of the cardboard. .

Item Name Corrugated Packaging Box
Material Corrugated Board
Size Customization
Color Customization
Shape Customization
Sample time 3 days
Production time 7 -10 days after everything is confirmed
PACKING Flat packing ,around 50-60pcs/ctn
SAMPLE Plain sample is free , printed sample need some cost charge 

Materail  as   below : 






Priinting on the white -card paper :



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