How To Reduce The Freight Cost

Because of the COVID -19, the global  supply  chain is absolutely abnormal, during this special difficult times, because of the jam of the ship  in the harbour, the delay is more and more serious, what is worse, the freight  cost is super high, almost 8-9 times than before. Anyway, we still have to go forward and delivery the cargo by sea, even though with very high shipping cost, but the most what we can do is to control the space of the cargo.

How to save the space  for our paper production? normally, the box will take huge space , so the delivery cost for each unit box is very high. how to control  the delivery space, it is more and more important

  1. Change the design. We nay consider to change /improve the instruction, which can be folded for packing, so we can pack more boxes in one carton. In fact, there are lots of folding box design which can reduce the packing space.
  2. Change the material. for some Corrugated E-flute box/Box with zip lock, it is also very solid and convenient.the printing is also can be very vivid and perfect, of course, its function is almost the same. If the client is very very sensitive for the price, maybe we can commend some new material box for their choice.
  3. Change the packing methods. For some huge box. such as display box, we may pack on the pallets directly and wrap it strongly, above 1.8 meters high, can be load some light cargo, but  the most important  is  FCL delivery, not for the LCL delivery.
  4. Combine the supplier’s  cargo exactly  accurate, for example, we can combine different region suppliers  and combine them based on “ heavy weight cargo  + light weight cargo “, then we can make full use the container space.

 Anyway, the supplier chain need to improve better and better, so that the cots can be controlled which can be pass some more value for our clients. 

Post time: May-26-2022