Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

We take highly care of every single product, every step of the procedure, we ensure every product shipped in good quality.


Our factory based in  SHENZHEN, China. We do everything under our own roof to make sure the quality is guaranteed.

One-stop Service In-house

Graphic design, packaging solution, sampling, producing, shipping.

Effective Communication

With specialized production knowledge and fluently English, so do not worry the communication.

High Daily Capacity, On Time Delivery

With many automatic machines and over 10 production line, we will make sure all production will be delivered on time.

In-house Quality Control

*Signed with quality control standards and carry out strictly
*From IQC(incoming quality control), IPQC(in-process quality control), FQC(final quality control) and QQC(outgoing quality control), we have over 10 times quality check