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  • About Fibe Cost

    News: Brazilian wood pulp manufacturer klabin paper recently announced that the price of staple fiber pulp exported to China will rise by 30 US dollars / ton from May. In addition, Arauco pulp mill in Chile and bracell paper industry in Brazil also said to follow up the price rise. Accordingly, s...
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  • How To  Reduce The Freight Cost

    How To Reduce The Freight Cost

    Because of the COVID -19, the global  supply  chain is absolutely abnormal, during this special difficult times, because of the jam of the ship  in the harbour, the delay is more and more serious, what is worse, the freight  cost is super high, almost 8-9 times than before. Anyway, we still have ...
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  • Lantern Luxury  Paper  Box

    Lantern Luxury Paper Box

    Do you know our traditional festival “Middle Autumn day”? It is a very important for us , it means “Union “, the family eat moon-cake and gathered together under the moon, it is nice  feeling and wonderful  time. you can imagine the moon is light and round , with sweet flowers and  br...
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