Lantern Luxury Paper Box

Do you know our traditional festival “Middle Autumn day”? It is a very important for us , it means “Union “, the family eat moon-cake and gathered together under the moon, it is nice  feeling and wonderful  time. you can imagine the moon is light and round , with sweet flowers and  breeze  while you gathered with family, how fantastic it is !

Talking about the moon-cake, we have to mentioned the out “packaging”, nowadays it is more and more special and nice. of course, the inner box is for the separate moon-cake (food packing )Today i will introduce one kind of particular luxury paper box with light, just like  “lantern”, as you see, the shape likes “ lantern”, so  we called  it“ lantern box “. It is made of paper material, the  thick paper of 1.5MM mounting 157grs art paper  which is very strong and solid, with printing image of the moon / flower / rabbit  outside, matt lamination + uv +embossing which seems luxury and high-class. all the paper is ok for the environment and pass the FSC test, so you can 100% sure it is safe and kind for the environment

The most special point there is a  battery in it and you can light it with switch, so just like the real Lantern, in the evening, it is light and bling, the children really like it, like their lovely toys. do not worry about the safely, it is ok for all the test. did u notice there is a small rabbit on the top of the lantern ?? yes, so cute it is !

If you like this style, you can contact us, the printing can be customized, and if you have any new ideas, please do not hesitate, we can make your idea to come true. let’s looking forward more and more new styles of the luxury box!

Post time: May-26-2022