Customized offset printing fold brochure booklet instruction manual

Short Description:

Product name:Customized offset printing fold brochure booklet instruction manual

Product Material:Paper & Paperboard

Binding:Folded Leaflet

Paper Type:Art Paper, Coated Paper, Offset paper

Product Type:Catalogue

Surface Finish:gloss/matt lamination/UV

Printing Type:Offset printing

Material:Paper Board

Size:Custom Size

Color:CMYK Pantone

Printing:Offest Printing

Finishing:Customized Gloss Lamination



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The role of the manual:

(1) The role of explanation
Explanation is the basic function of the manual. With the development of my country's economy, the continuous improvement of people's lives, the rapid development of industry and agriculture, and the growing prosperity of cultural and recreational activities, people will encounter many kinds of production products and consumer goods in life and production. The development of science and technology has made these products and consumer products contain strong technological components. Therefore, in order to enable the people to use these products well and truly serve the people's lives, each manufacturer will prepare a popular book that is easy to use. Understand the manuals of products or daily necessities, and provide users with practical guidance and help. The instruction manual should explain in detail each link and precautions for the use of the product.

(2) The role of advertising
In today's commodity economy, the advertising role of manuals cannot be ignored. A good manual can make users want to buy and achieve the purpose of promotion.

(3) The role of knowledge dissemination
Instructions have a dissemination effect on certain knowledge and technology. Such as introducing the working principle of the product, the main technical parameters, the composition of parts and so on.

Feature  :

1. Customized design

2. customized for the shape /logo  

3. printing colour /material can be choosed by client

4.different style

5. multipurpose 

6. Strong & solid

7. biodegradable,eco-friendly material 

widely used in below industries:



Company /production advertise 

1. Paper use
Support all kinds of paper, high paper toughness, appropriate hardness, good gloss, can print many kinds of paper

2. Clear picture and text
High-end atmospheric printing with clear graphics and text

3. Eco-friendly ink
Support a variety of printing processes to highlight the printing theme and show a sense of hierarchy

4. Folding manual
Fold the whole sheet of paper into a folded page through a folding machine without binding

5. The problem of chromatic aberration
Printing color difference is unavoidable. According to industry regulations, CMYK color values within ±10% are normal. Different batches of the same file will have different colors. Because the printing machine defaults to four colors, that is, the file only accepts CMYK color values. If the provided file has RGB color values, the system will automatically convert it to CMYK. If there is a color difference after conversion, we will convert the CMYK color values.

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